So what does this CAD really do for me?

Luckily, the times when we needed to explain why you need a CAD are history.

But if you are new to this field, we will gladly explain why people buy our products.

Our customers are:

- Weaving mills

- Design studios

- Schools

They will use dobby or jacquard weaving technology to actually produce the fabric, or to pass the necessary data to a weaving mill.

Software is available in the folowing languages:




You can choose between three software programs according to your needs:

- Our free software ArahPaint enables you to draw seamless patterns

- ArahDrape helps you create simulations of the final products, using your pattern or fabric

- With ArahWeave, you can manage your jacquard and dobby production, or pass the data to a weaving mill

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arahne supports avl formatArahne supports Bonas loom formatArahne supports cci formatArahne supports Digital weaving Norway machineryArahne supports Dornier looms formatArahne supports Elm machinery  Arahne supports grosse looms format  Arahne supports Muller looms formatArahne supports Nuovo Pignone formatArahne supports Panter formatsArahne supports Schleicher formatArahne supports Suzuki machinery

Arahne supports Tongyuan formatArahne supports Smit textile machineryArahne supports Somet looms formatArahne supports Staubli looms formatArahne supports Sulzer textil machineryArahne supports Takemura formatArahne supports Tis machineryArahne supports Toyota machineryArahne supports Picanol machineryvamatexArahne supports Nissan format