ArahDrape gallery

ArahDrape is a texture mapping program, which will enable you to present the use of your fabric in a final product, based on photo of the product, and a fabric simulation from ArahWeave.

Click on the images with lenses to get a more detailed view.
White shirt 6K Girl and Sofa 245K Girl and Sofa 251K Girl and Sofa 260K
White shirt 6K Man in suit 248K Man in suit 323K Man in suit 443K
White shirt 6K Shirt 553K Shirt 556K Shirt 625K Shirt 592K Shirt 528K Shirt 496K
White Smile 6K Smile 336K Smile 312K Smile 328K Smile 252K
White Bowtie 6K Bowtie 74K Bowtie 128K Bowtie 100K Bowtie 155K Bowtie 92K Bowtie 200K
White Sofa 6K Sofa 182K Sofa 245K Sofa 169K Sofa 264K

Shirt by G&M Gunetti, bowtie by Svilanit, fabrics by Tekstina, Arazzo, Lanificio di Sordevolo, Paganini Tessuti and Svilanit.