Fabric view modes

In ArahWeave, there is no division between the technical and simulation part of the program. ArahWeave always displays the fabric in the main window.

You have a choice of four views of the fabric:

  • Weave:
view mode1
  • Integer view (weave colored in warp/weft colors):
view mode2
  • Shaded integer view:
view mode3
  • Simulation view: there are 9 simulation quality levels - each level takes two times more to calculate, but it is also more precise:
view mode4

Obviously, the simulation view quality 9 is also the slowest: 3 seconds for full screen (2560x1600) redraw on Intel Core i7. Other views are almost immediate.

Simulation quality levels

The following table of simulations shows you the quality difference between various simulation levels. The advantage of having several simulation levels is that you can set the quality to the lowest level, which still gets you a quality simulation, and it this way you can work at highest speed. Or you work at low quality level at initial stages, and switch to high level for final confirmation.

simulation1 45K simulation2 60K simulation3 65K simulation4 60K simulation5 60K simulation6 60K simulation7 60K

ArahWeave works with multiple pop-up windows and you can change

    thread patterns

and immediately look at the changed simulation.

Simulation is the heart of ArahWeave, and does not occupy any additional memory or disk space. It is always re-calculated for screen or for printout at the appropriate density and quality.