Weave editor handles both jacquard and dobby weaves. If the weave can be woven on dobby, it also shows tie-up and card; otherwise this information is hidden.

Maximal weave size 65520x65520 - really, it is not a typing error ;-) If in doubt, download the demo and try it.

Maximal number of shafts is 50 (nobody has that many, but can be useful for editing)

Weave editor grid is fully customizable, both as grid dimensions in x an y direction, as the line thickening

You can enter denting (sley) and regulator (warp beam let-off) and view it in fabric simulation. Empty dents are also supported! Regulator (and denting) can be entered in numerical way or drawn on the side (or top) of the weave.

Operations like move up, down, left right, negate clear ... work on selection or full weave. Copy/extend selection to larger area. You can load other weaves into selection - weave patchwork can be drawn in a matter of seconds.

Program can control threads reversal: if two (or more) threads are in the same dent with very similar weave, the program will warn you that there is danger of threads reversal.

In pattern draft, the lines are drawn (or printed) in gray to permit easy counting of both black and white squares


Warp and weft pattern are drawn and printed on the side of the weave, to avoid errors in drafting


"left" and "right" dobby cards are supported through program customization


Export the dobby card to 3.5" floppy in electronic dobby format Stäubli 1858III, Dornier DoTech and DoStyle format


Export the drafting and drawing-in information for VEGA drawing in machines in .VIF format. Empty dents and skipped drafts are supported.


Weave can be displayed in standard black (warp) & white (weft) notation, or in current warp/weft colors


You can insert or delete any number of warp or weft threads anywhere in the weave


It is also possible to edit the weave by clicking directly on fabric simulation.


If you develop the weaves for the dobby loom, you will appreciate that you can save or load individual weave elements, like just the card or just the drafting. In this way, you can have the fixed warp and drafting and just load different cards. If you find something interesting, you have created a new design at almost zero cost.


Weave editor with a dobby weave:

Weave editor in ArahWeave

And if you are looking for new weave ideas, we have a library of 10039 (ten thousand thirtynine!) weaves, sold separately as an option. You can browse them with incredible ease. Even the weaves which you will create during your work with ArahWeave will be automatically browsable. So if you know how your weave looks, you will be able to find it, even if you forget its filename.

Furthermore, you can sort them by:

  • name
  • number of shafts
  • warp float length
  • weft float length
  • date
  • size
  • effect (relative % of warp points)
  • warp consumption
  • weft consumption

You can view all these weaves in colors of warp/weft to discover interesting raye effects. ArahWeave is a nice program - it allows you to resize the window and it will display more data. The weave display grid is customizable. And to load a weave just double click it. What could be simpler than this?

database of weaves in ArahWeave

But it doesn't end here. If you enable Color button, you can browse the weaves in actual warp/weft colors and view the simulations in real density. You will discover many new possibilities. Using the same warp, you can make many new designs with almost zero cost!

ArahWeave database of weaves in color view

It goes without saying, that ArahWeave will optimize the number of shafts or redraw draing-in to desired number of shafts. But what if the number of weave shafts is bigger than the number of shafts on your loom? We have a cure for this, too. Mergers of companies are very fashionable nowadays, and you can use it on your shafts. ArahWeave will find the two most similar shafts, and identify the differences. It is then up to you to remove the differences, so that they can be merged.

merging shafts with ArahWeave

You can also print out the complete weave, including selvedges. Printout is customizable, and you can switch off individual elements which you do not need.

ArahWeave weave printout with fabric simulation