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Get to know the best programs for designing fabrics

Get to know the best programs for designing fabrics

Probably it happened to each and anyone of us, we stepped into the store and we were mesmerized by the upholstered furniture or by the curtains with the beautiful pattern.

The majority starts picturing that special piece in their home or office, but only a few actually wonder who designed that pattern. Those who would actually ask how this pattern is made and how does it comes to life may be just a handful. But to all of you out there, who wonder how a pattern is made, you are in luck, this article is for you. Perhaps, it will be you who will create a pattern, which will take our breath away.

Arahne products offer a variety of design programs, and once you have tested them, you will find it hard to imagine that you were ever without them. Our CAD/CAM design software is used by weavers, design studios and schools, or everyone that is somehow connected to fabric design or their weaving. Each of the CAD software has a special function, but it all combines easy to use cad software, whether it is professional cad software for professional use or a free program for drawing patterns of fabrics, which can be used by anyone that is interested in designing as a hobby. ArahPaint, which is one of the cad drawing programs, is one of the best free cad cam software, with which your idea will come to life. Before you buy Arahne’s cad software, you can download a demo version for Mac, Linux of Windows free of charge.

You can design your own fabric pattern for almost every weaving machine using the ArahWeave. Designing has never been so easy and fun, while the simulation of the fabrics is so realistic. With the ArahDrape program, which is great texture mapping software, you will be able to present on the picture of your choice a desired pattern and avoid the cost of the actual production and photography.

Program ArahView3D is one the leading 3D cad cam design software. You are able to apply a selected sample of your choice to one of the 44 different typical 3D models of furniture, curtains or clothes and create your own collection.

Besides the programs, we have prepared for you an ArahCatalog, with which you will be able to present your collection in an elegant way to your customers on a smart tablet or smartphone.

We recommend you review our offer of packages, in which we have included our most popular design programs and various discounts, tailored made for your every need.