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How to earn 200€ with ArahPaint?

How to earn 200€ with ArahPaint?

It sounds like a scam, but we are serious. ArahPaint is a free drawing program for textile design, and you can actually make money with it. We will show you an interesting way to do it.
If you watch TV at wee hours, you may be familiar with various forms of advertising, where a salesman screams and tries to sell you this or that. The more interesting way to extract money from you is a gambling game, disguised as a puzzle.

find a difference1

In this instance, a lady with an annoying voice will go on screaming forever, telling you to call the number on the screen, and find the difference between the two pictures. If you are the first to call, and spot the difference, you win 200€. Of course, the game organizer will earn thousands of Euros in exuberant phone charges from all the people waiting on the line. But that is besides the point. We need to find the difference between top and bottom picture, and it is not that easy! It is just as frustrating as the screaming lady.
But, lo and behold, we can use ArahPaint! First, pull out your smartphone and make a screenshot. Transfer the picture to your computer and load it in ArahPaint. Select the two banknotes and use “Unskew” function to straighten it. You will get this:

find a difference2

Finally, select the top banknote, and move it over the bottom one. You can use arrow keys for pixel perfect alignment. ArahPaint has special tools for display and pasting of selections, where selection can be shown in transparent mode, added or subtracted from the background picture. We will use the subtract mode to find the difference between the images.

find a difference3

See the white speck marked by the arrow? This is the position of the difference. Of course, the difference is between Cyrillic Б and Latin B in the Bank. Top one is correct, and bottom one is the forgery, as NARODNA BANKA JUGOSLAVIJE must be written in all Cyrillic letters in Macedonian language НАРОДНА БАНКА НА ЈУГОСЛАВИЈА.
Now you can call the phone number on the screen and claim your prize.
On the more serious side, finding differences between images can be useful in textile CAD – sometimes you have different versions of jacquard card file, and you can’t  find the difference, so you are unsure which to use or delete. Now you can see if they are equal, or if not, where lies the difference.