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Adding ArahWeave to the main KDE menu

Click with the right mouse button on the green suse menu icon  in the lower left corner of the screen, and choose Menu Editor.
KDE4 21K

In the KDE Menu Editor window, click the New Item icon.
KDE4 60K

Enter ArahWeave as the Item name, and click OK.
KDE4 23K

In the Command field enter /home/capdam/aw/aweave (or /home/capdam/ap/apaint4 for ArahPaint).
KDE4 23K

Now you just need to add ArahWeave’s icon. Click icon, marked with question mark. In the file selection dialog navigate to /home/capdam/common/icons directory, and choose ArahWeave.png icon, and click Open.
KDE4 26K

In the KDE Menu Editor window, click the Save icon, and wait few seconds, while system is updating the settings.
KDE4 25K

Now you have ArahWeave shortcut in the main KDE menu. You can add ArahPaint4 and ArahDrape as well.
KDE4 15K

To add ArahWeave icon to the panel, just click with right mouse button on ArahWeave entry in the Menu, and choose Add to Panel.
KDE4 60K