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TC-2 jacquard lands in Bratislava

TC-2 jacquard lands in Bratislava

slovaskaSIn second half of December 2013, we have installed 5 Arahne CAD systems in Bratislava in VŠVU Academy of Fine Arts and Design. ArahWeave will be used to make designs for Digital Weaving TC-2 electronic jacquard. Despite being a hand-loom, TC-2 should not be underestimated, since in VŠVU’s configuration, it raises an impressive 3960 hooks. So its pattern capabilities well exceed average industrial loom.


The loom design is also interesting, since it does not have a harness, therefore it does not require high ceiling. On the picture, you see the small test run of a narrow warp with only 1320 warp ends. This will be replaced with the full width in the future. VŠVU is the first installation of Arahne CAD in Slovakia.


Slovakia and Slovenia would be neighbors, if it weren’t for the Austria, which managed to squeeze between the two Slavic nations about thousand years ago 😉 Luckily, highways are good, and it takes just 4 hours by car from Ljubljana to Bratislava. It was a pleasure to teach lovely ladies, and to be able to use Slavic words, when we ran out of English.