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Texture mapping program ArahDrape changes course

Texture mapping program ArahDrape changes course

Arahne has developed ArahDrape to help weavers in showing their fabric on the final product. ArahDrape is a normal desktop application, where you load your model image, draw regions, load a texture for each region, and save the texture mapped image.
That was 10 years ago, and world is a different place now.
Just making a texture mapped image for customer’s approval is not enough. ArahDrape needs to be integrated into web site / e-commerce solution. At a request of our demanding customers, we have split the ArahDrape in two programs.
The GUI (user interface) version works as before, you use mouse, windows, menus to interact with the program and develop new projects. But the ArahDrape rendering engine (part of the program which loads/saves images and applies textures to the model) can be used independently. So a web server can use ArahDrape functionality, it can instruct ArahDrape to load a project, replace several textures, and get back the new texture mapped image. If we put this in a more modern tech lingo, ArahWeave can be a web service in the cloud.

With this important change, we also wanted to make it even easier for you to try out ArahDrape in the demo version.
Previously, demo version worked, you could even save textured images, but you could not save drape project. So your work  was lost every time you closed the program.
In ArahDrape 2.1 DEMO, you can develop new drape projects and even save them. But we no longer allow saving of draped images in the demo version.
In this way you can try the program and even start working on your project. You can then buy ArahDrape GUI version or ArahDrape web server version only when your project is confirmed and you are confident that ArahDrape does what you need.
ArahDrape can handle big images (6000×4000) and big textures (10.000×10.000 pixels) without any problems. It also supports alpha channel transparency with PNG image format.
The User’s manual is here.

You can download the demo version from here.

Join Arahne’s group on LinkedIn to get all the technical details about web server integration.