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Arahne software updates 2021

Arahne software updates 2021

It’s time to upgrade your Arahne software to the latest version and get all the fancy new features!

In the previous year, we have made significant improvements, bug fixes, and new functions in ArahWeave, ArahPaint6, ArahDrape, and ArahView3D. Due to the requirement from our customers to present their seasonal fabrics online, we also made some significant changes and customizations to the Digital fabric catalog – ArahCatalog.

In this short document (Angleščina, Italijanščina), we are presenting a selection of the new features with an explanation of how to use them.

If you are interested in upgrading the software to the latest version and receiving yearly support, write us to our E-mail: arahne@arahne.si





A selection of new functions in ArahWeave:

  • simulation of the chenille yarn and mohair yarn
  • load recent now also for yarns
  • new wrinkle textures
  • improved file selection box
  • support for Yiinchuen industrial dobby looms
  • support for Bonas harness XML
  • load sideways
  • align the design in loom setting
  • automatically resize the weave to the final divisible size in decomposed weave
  • variants won’t get lost if you decrease the number of variants
  • customize color number information
  • increase number of color components for yarns
  • drag and drop fabric file to open ArahWeave
  • numeric drafting works up to 36 shafts
  • set zoom level of fabric simulation in HTML technical data
  • display weave order top to bottom in double weave editor
  • print image with grid with support for numbers with zig-zag counting


A selection of new functions in ArahPaint6:

  • make border from selection
  • create corners
  • repeat layer in one direction
  • design a pattern from image in repeat
  • fix and optimize image file in browser
  • make patterns from layers using image in repeat
  • antialiased drawing supported
  • set grid thickening according to density and unit
  • moving selection along with the main image
  • rebuilt drawing tools
  • draw in density with keep aspect
  • repeat selection
  • keep color with same RGB values
  • rotate selection by 90° and keep proportions
  • draw on a very large image
  • 8-ways fill tool improved
  • set different pen size for horizontal and vertical dimensions
  • pen shape


A selection of new functions in ArahDrape:

  • improved file selection box
  • added zoom and divisor up to 20 times
  • added new functions in the main toolbar


New feature in ArahView3D:

  • apply scanned or photographed fabric and print designs on the 3D model, see the Demo here