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Set metric or imperial units in ArahPaint6

You can now choose between metric or imperial units directly in ArahPaint. Most of the settings for ArahPaint6, such as units, language, and default image file location can be set in ArahWeave software. However, many users only use ArahPaint software independently, therefore we have added the...


Design irregular herringbone in ArahWeave CAD

Irregular effects on the fabric can make your product look more interesting, fun, and unique. In this new tutorial, we show how to design an irregular herringbone, using a combination of weave and image. In the first part of the tutorial, you will learn how to use...


Use mirror diagonal to easily create corners from the image in ArahPaint6

Create corners and other different patterns using mirror diagonal function. You can diagonally mirror the image, layers or selection on the image in four different directions. Try it now! Download the latest version of ArahPaint 6 here.     [video width="1080" height="1080" mp4="https://www.arahne.si/wp-content/uploads/ArahPaint6-Mirror-Diagonal.mp4"][/video]     How to use it?   Load an...