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Set the date format in Arahne software

Set the date format in Arahne software

In ArahWeave, ArahDrape and ArahPaint you can now set custom date format.

You can set the following:

  • the order of date elements (date, month, year)
  • display month name or month number
  • display full year or the last two digits
  • display day and month with or without leading zeros
  • select the preferred date separator:
    •  dot(.)
    • comma (,)
    • hyphen (-)
    • slash (/)


Customized date is used in all browsers, in file selection box, recently used files, on printouts and HTML reports.


Set the date format in ArahWeave Save setup window, under Appearance


ArahWeave Fabric browser


File selection box


Browser list view


Recently used files