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Find the closest color in different color libraries




Our client is using the Chinese CNCS color library and wants to use color 120 45 07.
We only have PANTONE® for fashion and home, and we need to know, which is the closest color.


Open ArahWeave and choose Fabric > Colors from the main menu.

Open colors window


In color editor, go to Choose and select the color library, from which you picked your color;
for example the CNCS.

Select CNCS library


If you have CIE Lab values, you can enter those. You can also use the Lab values to make your own color library in ArahWeave. Measure your yarns with a color measurement instrument, for instance Spectrolino, and input the values.

enter CIE Lab value


Find the color by entering the code, which is written next to the color patch in your color library.

find closest color


Copy and paste the color into the warp palette, under the letter “A”. Copying and pasting is the same as in all Arahne programs:
SELECT – left mouse click, PASTE – right mouse click.

copy color to your warp palette


In the menu, go to Choose and select the color library you wish to use, for example the PANTONE® for fashion and home – paper.

Choose PANTONE color library


In the menu, go to Change > Find closest color.

find closest color


This will select the closest color. A small window will appear, informing you about the color difference between the two colors. The information on the picture bellow tells you that the Flint stone PANTONE® color is lighter and bluer than the 120 45 07 CNCS color.

information about color differences